Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Locust in the nature by our HD 2.8X Macro Lens with Galaxy S9+ (for iP...

This is the video our HD 2.8X Macro Lens (by the CL06 Clip and used on the Samsung Galaxy S9+)

This Macro Lens is a High Defintion Macro Lens created for iPhoneography, Mobile Phone Photography.  Even if you are not a pro not an ameteur, like our staff, you can also take not-bad pictures. If you have more time for photogrpahy, your pictures may be as stunning as a pro, why not?

This kit fits for smartphones as all the new 3 iPhones.

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SKU: DCK005838

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A dying insect is a spider's lunch (Macro Video by iPhone / Smartphone 2.8X HD Macro Lens)

We've found a dying insect, but it was a spider's lunch.

We found this dying insect with the 2.8X Macro Lens ( SKU: DCK005838), you can check out anything like this clearly.

Video by: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Learn about the Macro Lens at:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Super Slow Motion (Slow-Mo) Video - Rain

captured this by Samsung Galaxy S9+, this is the first time I used this mode.
It is fantastic, very cinematic, definitely will try more later.

video was recorded on 16 Sept 2018 with no editing!

It is
very pity that that it can only record up to 8 seconds! Yes, 8 seconds! Very
Verrrrrrrry Short! I guess Samsung can have it longer in Galaxy S10 (or Galaxy
X as Apple did :) )

It seems
it did not record any sound too.  Maybe
it is not possible for slow-mo by nature, 
not sure!

If the
sound was recorded, it will be even more fantastic!

If I
used it in a wrong way, please do let me know, got a like to this mode!

and yes,
this mode, you don't need any lens! Just a galaxy s9+ and even don't need a
tripod, although a tripd will help a lot!

The video
is at:

you can
find our lenses for S9 at:

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Rosa pimpinellifolia Flower (by 2.8X HD Macro Lens with Galaxy S9+)

By Google Picture Search, it seemed it should be a Rosa Pimpinellifolia Flower,

anyone got the idea?

We used a Galaxy S9+ and a HD 2.8X Macro Lens  (SKU: DCK005809) to shot this video.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

Is this a Satyr Comma Butterfly? We shot this with the 2.8X HD Macro Len...

Probably this is a Satyr Comma Butterfly, not sure.

We shot it with our 2.8X HD Macro Lens with the Samsung Galaxy S9+

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