Wednesday, May 26, 2021

If you have any queries before purchasing an iPhone wide angle lens, here is a demo video to show you.

Why it is a demo video?

Because it was not by a pro, at least you can have the video quality better than that.


This is the wide angle lens we will used:


It is an 0.68X wide angle lens.

We will use it with iPhone, it comes as:

here is the venue and before using the wide angle lens:

After using the wide angle lens:

What's the difference?

A little bit widened!

We have an ultra wide angle lens can make it better, check out blog for that.

here is the video:


If you are interested to check more, here you are:

For iPhone DCK003686 at

For Smartphone Wide Angle Lens:

The product and this article are by DCKina



Thursday, May 20, 2021

See how this 37mm thread ND filter work on an iPhone?

Anyone can shot this level of video, because it is not from a pro. 

This video was shot with 37mm thread ND Filter

when there is a cover for it, it could be a custom lens set for specific phone model, say:

This universal 37mm thread Neutral Density Filter is universal for smart phones.

SKU LINK: DCK005547-37

Here is the video we took

A reference picture:

You can find more at

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Have you ever seen the Iconic Aqua Luna Red-Sail Junk boats in the Victor Harbor in Hong Kong?

 Not yet, no joking!

Here we seen it with an iPhone and the custom 3x Telephoto lens set:

This is the lens:

for the case, you can have a look at:


The SKU is DCK004436


We have the latest case for your photography.


we took some pictures too:


 before with 3X tele

With the 3X tele

Here is a video:


Hope you like it.