Sunday, August 15, 2021

Look like a snake springing up?

 Look Like a snake springing up?



A macro lens can zoom to the object and give you some imagination.

Shot with Smartphone and a Macro Lens Set.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

iPhone Photography with 37 & 67mm thread lens and more.

Do you know, we can expand your iPhone to 37mm Thread Lens and 67mm thread Lens?

It is easy.

For example, this iPhone cover, it is dedicated for DCKina Lens.

You can add a 37mm Thread Adapter, making it fits for any standard 37mm thread lens:

it looks like this:



Detail: DCKina

Indeed, you can have all the lenses with your iPhone as long you wish, just have a ring on the 37mm adapter

here you can find all the rings:

37-58mm Step-Up Adapter Ring (37MM Thread Lens to 58mm Thread Step-Up Ring) |

or check this video:

Monday, July 26, 2021

A Real Look to a smartphone / iPhone CP Filter

 We have many holder that can hold a CP Filter to your iPhone or any other smartphones. 

For Example, this quick clip.

How it can use on an iPhone  or a smartphone?

Here you are:

Very easy, just attach it to the iPhone and in front of the main camera.

To make it a little more stable, just turn it to be side to the iPhone or smartphone. 

then you can use the CPL.

Of course, you need to turn to find the best polarizing effect.

Here is a video to show you: (the video is with our another clip.)

Click here to learn more: DCKina

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A Smartphone CP Filter as simple and useful as a mouse to your desktop?


 Want No Light Reflection out of your picture?

This CPL is a super simple one, it is as simple as a mouse to your desktop.

It is as useful as a mouse to your desktop. Could you imagine without a mouse with your desktop?

We create the CPL as a mouse to your smartphone photography!



It is compatible with your iPhone as well as and any Android Phones, or the Microsoft Windows Phone and probably the future HMS phone?

It is universal for smartphones!

Just clip and shot.

See how?


Shop: DCKina

SKU: DCK004805