Monday, April 26, 2021

Have you ever used a CPL on your iPhone or Android Smartphone? I've justed used one on my iPhone

It really made differences, big difference. 

see the 2 pictures below:



I used this lens:

It comes with a clip and made it as:

It is suitable for iPhone, Samsung Smartphones:

We also have a Video for this:

If you are interested to the product used, here is the link.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

This is NOT a macro photography tutorial, because we don't have technique for you, but you can have a demo.

As we mentioned many times, Macro Photography is very easy, as long as you are expecting some pictures that is cool enough, not professional grade, not a masterpiece. 

Just put the lens back and pros with patience and press the shutter button or simple use the Burst Mode or Live Mode (if you are using an iPhone), then rest down yourself with a coffee and select one or some of the best and post to your IG, FB(haha) or even show to the group then likes are pouring down as rain drops!


Here is a video we take the pictures.


Here is the picture selected out and then Edited :) and then show here!

No Worries, we are not professional, even never check how to edit a picture at youtube for totorial, It means very easy!

If you consider the 2 pictures above are good enough, then surely you can do so.

Check out more pictures at our dckina@Instagram

Interested to the Lens used:

Here is the link:


Samsung Galaxy S or Note Smartphones

Universal Clip.