Monday, October 23, 2023

iPhone Built-in Macro Lens and an added-on macro lens, which one you like most?

Here are 2 pictures taken with iPhone 14 Pro max. 


2 questions:

Which one you like most?

Which one was from iPhone built-in macro lens?

You can click the picture to check the details. 

Personally, I like macro pictures with  its emphasis on detail, pattern, and texture. What contribute to the picture can show you that? 

I guess 1 of the most important elements is the blurred background. 

A blurred background pull you from distraction, you can just focus on the things you would like to show.

it is not like taking a picture or a picture of microscope. We are not to show the everything, not to show the facts. To show people the entire things is not on the list. I guess. 

I used OUR 1.1X-2.8X zoomable macro lens to take the first picture of the 2 above.

You may use it with an custom cover for iPhone

 Here is the link:

DCKina Zoomable Macro Lens

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