Wednesday, May 26, 2021

If you have any queries before purchasing an iPhone wide angle lens, here is a demo video to show you.

Why it is a demo video?

Because it was not by a pro, at least you can have the video quality better than that.


This is the wide angle lens we will used:


It is an 0.68X wide angle lens.

We will use it with iPhone, it comes as:

here is the venue and before using the wide angle lens:

After using the wide angle lens:

What's the difference?

A little bit widened!

We have an ultra wide angle lens can make it better, check out blog for that.

here is the video:


If you are interested to check more, here you are:

For iPhone DCK003686 at

For Smartphone Wide Angle Lens:

The product and this article are by DCKina



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