Sunday, September 1, 2019

This Variable ND Filter (2-400 Adjustable Neutral Density Filter Lens) is to fight with the exta light passing thru your lens

Not only a Camera needs a ND filter, iPhone and smartphones also need one.

We have the lens fits for all the smartphones. including iphone and even iPad and other tablets.

as we are using such a clip:

to screw with this lens:

and it looks like this one:

When it is use with iPhone or smartphones, it looks like these:

Ok, you may not like to use with a clip, it is universal, but you know, it is not perfectly compatible, so you we have custom cover to make it perfect:

Let's have a close look:

Where you can get it?

click the link here:

Model: DCK-Variable-ND-Filter

remember to choose one that mostly fit to your phones!

A video to show you:

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