Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Is a ZOOMABLE / ADJUSTABLE / Fine TUNEable / VARIABLE iPhone Macro Lens possible? (or smartphone)

There are adjustable ND Lens:

There are many zoomable Telephoto lens

Com'on man!

Why we cannot have the same concept on Macro Lens?

Especially that when you take macro photo, you need to place the lens to the object in a very short distance.

Have a look to the picture above, what's the first image come to you?

Yes, it is a FF22-28mm HD Macro Lens. It is a 1.1X to 2.8X Macro Lens.

What you can do with this Macro Lens?

You can have a clip on it:

 to use it on any smartphone / iPhone:

or with a custom cover for iPhone:

Here are the pictures with this lens and an iPhone (11 pro)

Video for reference:

Videos are available at Youtube too:


Or click the link below:


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