Thursday, February 4, 2021

How can I capture amazing macro photos?


It is not that difficult!

Macro Picture to blur the background, shorten the focus and producing images of small items.

Anything can be the subject of macro photography, anyone can be a macro photography and anywhere is your stage!

It is not that difficult to start with, just have a smartphone, then a macro lens and your patience any maybe your creativity too! Indeed, creativity is important but with no creativity, you can also shot great macro photos!

Here we show you our the pictures we used our hands (means no equipment, tools used with), and our smartphones (mostly iPhone) and a macro lens.

Now, we are using this macro lens:

It can used on an iPhone cover:

or a clip: 

Anyway will be great!

with these tools, then find out the things you are interested.

Say, insects, your skin, hair, feathers, snowflakes... 

then these things are almost the lowest quality you will take.

or even a video:



We have more pictures at our instagram:

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