Sunday, September 8, 2019

A 2-in-1 Fisheye Lens / Macro Lens specially made for Samsung Galaxy S10 / GalaxyS10+

Want to know if you can find a fisheye lens for your Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+?

yes, you can on the right way.

here it is, this fisheye lens:

It comes with a tailor-made cover, so you can have easy moment when you are taking pictures, not as other universal clip that you need time to clip!

a special note is that the cover fits for 2 different lenses, the other lens that can fit for this cover is the 37mm thread, you can find bundle of 37mm thread lense here!

When it is with the fisheye lens, it becomes:

Seems a telescope when you look from afar?

it fits for galaxy s10 or s10+, of course, I mean you need to select from the menu instead of 1 cover for 2 models!

you can find the fisheye lens at:

Currently, we don't have any video for these 2 models, but if you would like to have a look, you may click the google link before to see if we have so or not.

Dckina Youtube Channel

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