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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

iPhone Photography with 37 & 67mm thread lens and more.

Do you know, we can expand your iPhone to 37mm Thread Lens and 67mm thread Lens?

It is easy.

For example, this iPhone cover, it is dedicated for DCKina Lens.

You can add a 37mm Thread Adapter, making it fits for any standard 37mm thread lens:

it looks like this:



Detail: DCKina

Indeed, you can have all the lenses with your iPhone as long you wish, just have a ring on the 37mm adapter

here you can find all the rings:

37-58mm Step-Up Adapter Ring (37MM Thread Lens to 58mm Thread Step-Up Ring) |

or check this video:

Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to use a Phone Macro Lens for iPhone / Smartphone Macro Photography?


Indeed, if you are not heading to a professional photographer, just want to shot some stunning pictures and videos to show at your social medias, you've got an easy kit.

you can use this HD Macro Lens for that:

This lens can use with a universal clip for ANY SMARTPHONES as long as it has a camera (sort of bull shit, to date with one smartphone don't get a camera?)

then you can use the clip as this one:

or use with a cover for iPhone:

or with a Samsung Galaxy Phone:

Ok, show you how easy, check out this video:

the video is in one shot and by chance, as any time you are in a garden, you can do that.

other examples:

Have a look to the Macro Lens:

with a universal clip, click here

with custom cover

or search at  google

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A 2-in-1 Fisheye Lens / Macro Lens specially made for Samsung Galaxy S10 / GalaxyS10+

Want to know if you can find a fisheye lens for your Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+?

yes, you can on the right way.

here it is, this fisheye lens:

It comes with a tailor-made cover, so you can have easy moment when you are taking pictures, not as other universal clip that you need time to clip!

a special note is that the cover fits for 2 different lenses, the other lens that can fit for this cover is the 37mm thread, you can find bundle of 37mm thread lense here!

When it is with the fisheye lens, it becomes:

Seems a telescope when you look from afar?

it fits for galaxy s10 or s10+, of course, I mean you need to select from the menu instead of 1 cover for 2 models!

you can find the fisheye lens at:

Currently, we don't have any video for these 2 models, but if you would like to have a look, you may click the google link before to see if we have so or not.

Dckina Youtube Channel

Monday, August 12, 2019

This Fisheye Lens can be used with a smartphnes with a universal clip, it even got Custom Cover for iPhone!

Fisheye Lens is a traditional and important elements in photography too!

It produces panoramas, 360 degree virtual tours or images where distortion, exaggerated perspective are desired which is very useful to realize dramatic view.

(the picture above is from the web:

We have this 180° Fisheye Lens created with a universal clip for smartphones as well as custom cover for iPhones.

when it is with the fisheye lens, it is as follows:

It can also fit to iPhones with custom cover... it assures perfect compatibility and best experiences in using.

This Fisheye Lens is available at:


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus lens

We are ready for these 2 iPhone 6s, we will have each lens tested one by one and share it at our blog.

stay tuned with us.

be our twitter / facebook followers so you can have 1st hand update.

thank you!