Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to use a Phone Macro Lens for iPhone / Smartphone Macro Photography?


Indeed, if you are not heading to a professional photographer, just want to shot some stunning pictures and videos to show at your social medias, you've got an easy kit.

you can use this HD Macro Lens for that:

This lens can use with a universal clip for ANY SMARTPHONES as long as it has a camera (sort of bull shit, to date with one smartphone don't get a camera?)

then you can use the clip as this one:

or use with a cover for iPhone:

or with a Samsung Galaxy Phone:

Ok, show you how easy, check out this video:

the video is in one shot and by chance, as any time you are in a garden, you can do that.

other examples:

Have a look to the Macro Lens:

with a universal clip, click here

with custom cover

or search at  google

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