Sunday, March 22, 2020

A good starters' Macro Lens kit for Smartphone / iPhone Photography Beginners!

How a macro lens could be a good starter kit for Smartphone / iPhone Photography Beginners?

This question got 2 folds:

1. The macro photography itself is super easy. What you need is just a macro lens and a camera. Here the camera is an iPhone or any other smartphone!

What you need is place the lens to the object, say any static object to a distance that is best focused then press your shutter.

Of course, if you are a professional photographer, you will have a sense to a better light exposure and better view of angle.

If not, there is not a big problem, you can also get stunning pictures or videos, just you may need some more time.

It is not as traditional photography, say portrait photography, if you do not have good lighting equipment and experience, you are bound to fail almost from the start!

2. This kit itself is an easy kit. What you need is just an iPhone and the lens from us.
The lens kit includes a custom case mount for your iPhone so that what you need is just put on the cover and the lens, then you've done!

Here is the kit:

Here is the lens:

Here is full view of the lens kit:

If you got interested to the iPhone lens kit, here is the link:

What you can do if you are not using an iPhone?

Not a problem! we also got a universal clip for smartphones:

It has a very long sleeve so that you can have it on every smartphone!

when it is on a smartphone, it is as follows:

With this kit, ANYONE can have such pictures:

or video as:

It is a kit for kid's curiosity too!

More pictures are available at our Instagram at:

Youtube channel:

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Is a ZOOMABLE / ADJUSTABLE / Fine TUNEable / VARIABLE iPhone Macro Lens possible? (or smartphone)

There are adjustable ND Lens:

There are many zoomable Telephoto lens

Com'on man!

Why we cannot have the same concept on Macro Lens?

Especially that when you take macro photo, you need to place the lens to the object in a very short distance.

Have a look to the picture above, what's the first image come to you?

Yes, it is a FF22-28mm HD Macro Lens. It is a 1.1X to 2.8X Macro Lens.

What you can do with this Macro Lens?

You can have a clip on it:

 to use it on any smartphone / iPhone:

or with a custom cover for iPhone:

Here are the pictures with this lens and an iPhone (11 pro)

Video for reference:

Videos are available at Youtube too:

Or click the link below:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

A High Definition Telescope for your iPhone or Smartphones or even iPad?

Yes, why not!

Here we have a lot for that.

You can attach it to your iPhone, iPad or almost any smartphones too!

Here is the way to attach:

 When it uses it with a tripod:

Here is the close-ups

The telescope is available at

Specific link

Video will be available at: DCkina @ Youtube

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Want to have a check to our Full Frame Fisheye Lens for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Street View with our Full Frame Fisheye Lens custom for iPhone 11!

Here are the 2 pictures, 1 with Full Frame Fisheye Lens, 1 doesn't. guess which 1 used with the fisheye lens?

Here are the fisheye lens with custom cover:

Here is a video:

the product is available at, please click here for details.